SEA-UEMA Project in Indonesia

“contributing to sustainable urban environmental management practices in Southeast Asia”

Alumni Demonstration Projects

Posted by uemindonesia on May 25, 2009






Clean Water Supply Management in a Low Income Settlements, Cokrodiningratan Village Yogya- karta Municipality, Western Part of Code river Yogyakarta, Indonesia. Implementer: Ms. Henrika Retno Tyas Arum

Published: Technical Manual and Case Study


Dec.  2004 to Mar.  2006


Decreasing River Pollution Along the Edge of Code River of Yogyakarta by Implementing Tripikon-S Model and Communal Wastewater Treatment as Domestic Waste Processing System, Yogyakarta, Indonesia. Implementer: Mr. Achmad Nurmandi

Published: Technical Manual


Completed in July 2007


Sustainable Community Based Sanitation Improvement and Small Scale Clean Water System Initiative in Citarum Riverside Settlement, Cilebak, Bandung, West Java, Indonesia. Implementer: Mr. D. Sunardhi Yogantara


May 2007 to Feb. 2008


Provision of Community Based Bio-sand Filter as Household Water Treatment to Provide Access to Water Supply in Poor Urban Settlement in Bali and Eastern Indonesia, Bali, Indonesia. Implementer: Ms. Yuyun Ismawati


 On going


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