SEA-UEMA Project in Indonesia

“contributing to sustainable urban environmental management practices in Southeast Asia”

Joint Action Research cum Pilot Project Promotes Environmental Awareness in the Community

Posted by uemindonesia on May 27, 2009

A solid waste management (SWM) initiative in Jakarta involving the informal sector has gained headways in improving the lives of the community and the waste pickers who have become part of its implementation. The project is entitled Building community, scavengers, local government and private sector partnership for SWM in Jakarta and is being implemented by the SEA-UEMA Project in collaboration with the Urban Regional Development Institute (URDI).

Scavengers Help Keep the Community Clean

Scavengers Help Keep the Community Clean

Mrs. Alfin is one of the key persons in this project and is active in promoting the initiative to other households in her community. She and other community members in RW 08 in southern Jakarta decided to join the project when representatives from URDI visited her community in February 2008. Mrs. Alfin immediately decided to join the project since her passion is to live in a good and clean environment.

According to Mrs. Alfin, the project helped community members to maintain cleanliness in their environment. In the past, households would just dump their wastes anywhere. When she asked others to separate wastes, they would refuse but after they realized the benefits of waste segregation and composting, they wanted to join as well.

In order to motivate more households to participate, Mrs. Alfin points out that having cleaner surroundings and managing their environment better will be beneficial to the community in ensuring they will not be evicted, considering the tenure security issues that exist. By keeping the environment clean and well managed, they hope that government agencies will notice this and see that they can take care of the land. Mrs. Alfin said that they can have a better bargaining position with the Industrial Agency with their good reputation in maintaining a clean environment.


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